Cirkus Pandemonium: The Harpy's Duel

Step right in to the realm of “Cirkus Pandemonium: The Harpy’s Duel”

Where the spotlight shines on a small troupe’s quest for fame. Between acts of firedancing and practicing trapeze in the park, these eclectic performers find themselves entangled in an age-old war between light and shadow. Pursued by mystical Harpies, they must navigate a world where the Raven’s whispers threaten to lead them through a dark and twisted path, while the wisdom of the Owl Harpy beckons towards the allure of the bright.

This novel is a twisted tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil, where every act in the center ring could tilt the balance.

Pick up your ticket to a story where the stakes are as high as the trapeze, and a fall could lead to a fiery fiasco!

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Dancing Nightmares: Urban Fantasies
Poetry and lyrical selections.

Finally printed for wider distribution and appreciation. Starting at a time shop where a glimpse of the divine leads to madness, then join us through several dark woods and through crystal filled caverns where you too can dream of new realms. Ones where we can all dance in a nightmare masquerade. Just don't remove your mask or lose track of time.

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